Lecture 04

Authenticity Capture Prototype

by David Giaretta (STFC - Oxford, UK)




The Authenticity Capture Prototype is one of the tools developed by the CASPAR project to allow the capture of different kinds of pertinent information concerning a resource, from a variety of sources, using standard terminology and, if possible, in an automated way.
It is essentially a framework, whose design is based on the Authenticity Model, where Authenticity Protocols and Steps, and various evidences can be plugged in.
This presentation explains the reasons for its utility and shows some of its components, its features and how it works. Of particular relevance is the importance of the flexibility of this software which, for example, allows the use of different sets of metadata, and which, being available also as a standalone tool, is extremely useful as a general tool for anyone who is concerned with authenticity for any sort of data.


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