Lecture 06

CASPAR Validation

by David Giaretta (STFC - Oxford, UK)




In order to validate the approach taken by CASPAR regarding digital preservation and to collect evidence of its positive results, different metrics were developed, in particular to demonstrate a sound theoretical basis, provide practical demonstrations by means of ‘accelerated lifetime’ tests, show the improvements obtained in the trustworthiness of the repositories, evaluate the methodologies adopted, and lastly, to demonstrate the applicability of the CASPAR virtualization techniques.
Some of these metrics are perhaps only specific to CASPAR, but the majority should be used to evaluate any project involved in digital preservation.
Another three metrics are to show the contribution of the CASPAR project to the development of standards, the adoption of its results by the preservation community and finally the effectiveness of dissemination process.
David Giaretta’s statement presents these metrics and the evidence which has been collected by means of these metrics in all the above ambits (particularly in the OAIS compliance) and demonstrates the validity of the CASPAR approach.


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