Lecture 09

INA Artistic Testbed

by Yann Geslin (INA - Paris, France)




This presentation is related to that of Jerom Barthelemy, from IRCAM.
INA and IRCAM are involved in two different musical contexts, dealing with performances of live electronic music and acousmatic music respectively. In the INA context the music work is built by the author in a studio, recorded on audio files and then performed by a loudspeaker orchestra, in this way being more similar to a projection.
The main problems faced by INA concern not simply the preservation of the audio files, but also the information concerning the digital mixing session by means of which the audio file is produced, and the description of the performance conditions, principally in order to have the ability to re-perform the works and to make their revisions possible to get over the loss in the quality of the sound in the long term.
By showing its typical context, this speech explains the way in which INA, together with other partners of the CASPAR project, is facing up to the issues implied in it, the results reached so far and its future objectives.


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