Lecture 10

Preserving Intellectual Property Rights in the long term

by Marlis Valentini (Metaware - Pisa, Italy)




Archives manage many different types of objects, a great deal of which have several kinds of rights on them, whose maintenance and updating are essential for preservation of the objects and their reuse. In order to fulfil this exigency, it is necessary to preserve the provenance events that originated the rights, in addition to the rights themselves, to be able to reconstruct the rights from their creation history in the case of changes in the law.
The acceptance by OAIS of the proposal to include a new PDI (Preservation Description Information) section concerning the access rights is an important result.
Moreover, two tools mainly have been developed to meet these needs: the Digital Right Manager and the Digital Rights Ontology, and they have been validated by means of different testbeds on contemporary arts, as it is shown here in two example from INA and CIANT respectively.
These examples, which are presented utilising also live demonstrations, show an ingestion scenario which regards the creation of provenance data objects, and a preservation scenario concerning the update of provenance PDI, with reference to rights, in the case of a change in the law. They specifically demonstrate the interoperability of the ontology with other standards or other well-known ontologies, like CIDOC and FRBRoo and the capability of a CASPAR archive to handle changes of rights.


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