Lecture 12

CIANT Artistic Testbed

by Michal Masa, Pavel Smetana (CIANT - Prague, Czech Republic)




New media performances involve a contemporaneous plethora of hardware and software together with people who have different roles (e.g. choreographer, dancer, director of stage, etc.), video projection, music, light, etc., in an extremely interdisciplinary context.
Analogously to the other partners of the CASPAR project involved in the domain of contemporary performing arts, the objective of CIANT testbed is to demonstrate that they can document and preserve these kinds of performances in such a way as to allow people to be able to re-perform them after a long time. However, as new media performances are based on the latest technology, thanks this new software, hardware and machines it should be possible in the future to obtain even more interesting final products, starting from the same ‘raw data’, which in this context are the abstract concepts and ideas which should be preserved like a sort of musical score.
By utilizing several demo-video, this presentation explains the solutions that have been found by CIANT in its specific context according to the OAIS conceptual model and by means of the CIDOC-CRM ontology and the TWiki platform.


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