Lecture 13

STFC Scientific Testbed

by Esther Conway




The STFC testbed demonstrates how it is possible to create a structured management preservation process, utilizing a detailed multi-level investigative analysis process, that makes it possible to adopt appropriate solutions in order to deal with the differing requirements which arise from an extreme variability of diverse elements, (i.e. data holdings, stakeholders and archives, preservation objectives, knowledge base of the designated user communities) and at different cost levels.
The existence of specific domains, involving both different issues and users, implies the adoption of appropriate strategies that can only be in part domain independent. Moreover, several risks must be considered which may arise from any eventual changes concerning the analyzed elements.
The analysis process, its results, the consequent strategies and the way in which the CASPAR tools can be used and the whole process, are shown in this presentation, in several scenarios concerning the scientific domain.


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