Lecture 14

ESA Scientific Testbed

by Sergio Albani (ESA - Frascati, Italy), Fulvio Marelli (ACS - Rome, Italy)




The European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN) is the largest European Earth Observer data provider. It deals with a huge amount of data from satellites, which is rising exponentially.
ESA at the same time is taking internal initiatives and participating in international projects related to long term data preservation in order to develop appropriate strategies and techniques to guarantee the preservation of both the data and the knowledge required to understand and re-use it.
In the first part of the speech Sergio Albani presents the work that ESA is doing into the CASPAR projects both as user and as infrastructure provider for the scientific data testbeds, explaining the critical issues covered by ESA testbed activities and showing a demonstration case concerning the GOME (Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment) dataset to provide proof of the effectiveness of the CASPAR preservation framework in the Earth Observation domain.

ACS is responsible for both ESA scientific testbed technical implementation and system integration activities. It has developed a 100% CASPAR component-based application which runs directly into the ESA server.
In the second part of the speech Fulvio Marelli shows the way in which this application can be used by different kinds of users, gradually presenting four different scenarios which concern the identification of the Designated Community and associated Knowledge Base, the data ingestion, the data search and retrieval, and the preservation respectively. It clearly explains how the application allows users from different communities to deal with different kinds of data, according to their Knowledge Base.
In the final part, the speaker explains how the validation procedure was performed and the possible future enhancements of the current Representation Information level of detail.


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