Founded in 1980, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA is the leader of the Engineering Group consisting of 12 firms specialised in different IT services, but sharing the same cultural identity and mission. Financed by private capital, the Engineering Group operates in more than 20 locations in Italy, and in 2002 achieved consolidated revenues of about 260M€ with almost 3000 employees, thus further consolidating the Group’s position as one of largest private enterprise in the system and business integration market sector in Italy. To better support sales and development, Engineering is structured in three main business divisions covering the three reference market sectors on a territorial basis.  Moreover, to assure a constant capability to increase the value and the competitiveness of the company, Engineering has an operational R&D department since 1987.

The R&D Department, driving the R&D initiatives for the whole Group with almost 100 researchers and a wide cooperation network at the international level, is organised to work in strict cooperation with the three business divisions in order to facilitate both the knowledge and the technology transfer process as well as the direct involvement of production staff within the research initiatives.

The main areas of interest of the R&D Department are concerned with Service-Based Software Engineering, Multi-Agents System, Software Architecture, Knowledge Management, and Human-Computer Interaction. This policy – based on strict synergies between the operational and the R&D divisions – has proven essential to generate a wide number of opportunities and contracts with large organisations like Benetton, Telecom Italia, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, AIPA, Ministero dei Beni Culturali, and many others. In particular, the commercial successes achieved have progressively increased the company’s trust and confidence in the importance of investing in research and innovation activities, allocating an annual budget of around 5% of the global turnover and a global foreseen investment in the period 2003-2005 of almost 30 Million Euros.

Since 1987, current and past research initiatives have been accomplished at European level, most recently within the 5th EC Framework Programme IST, TEN-TELECOM, eContent (namely, Archware, Homey, P2P Architect, TNT, COMPONENT+,  CBSEnet, Fin-tech, ECO-ADM, Infocitizen, BankSEC, IB, Eusland, Chance, TradeX, Train.Me. CLARiFi, Ecolnet, I-MASS). Engineering R&D is now participating to the EC 6FP with several initiatives on different action lines. Despite its international vocation, Engineering R&D Department participates also to nationally funded programmes with several research projects (namely eMMA, MAIS, TeSCHeT). The long tradition in participating in research projects, combined with its intimate industrial nature, allows the Engineering R&D Department to be the coordinator of several of the abovementioned research projects both at the national and European level.

Engineering will lead the work on the overall CASPAR architecture and also use their commercial experience to lead the exploitation of CASPAR results.

Contact: Luigi Briguglio
Phone: +39-06-49.201.419
Fax: +39-06-49.201.340