Metaware started its activities in June 2000. Since early 2002, Metaware is partially owned by INFOCAMERE, the company which manages and provides the development of the IT applications and services for the national network of the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Metaware’s main aim is to produce innovative solutions within the fields of the telematic, telecommunication & multimedia market sector. Metaware benefits from the extensive expertise and know-how funnelled through the META Centre in Pisa, of which it is a spin-off company. META has achieved a pre-competitive technological maturity over recent years, focusing primarily on project activities within national and European research programmes. Such a living legacy of numerous cutting-edge techniques and methodologies gives Metaware the necessary scaffolding to collaborate with many national institutions (such as Municipalities, Provincial and Regional Authorities, Health Institutions and Fine Arts Government Offices), with the European Commission, and with national and international companies in several fields. Metaware is committed to transform promising and innovative results, developed at META under research activities, into advanced technological products. Currently, Metaware can provide the following market solutions:

  • management of Public Information Services on administrative networks:
  • One-stop shop for business activity in Italy (procedural knowledge and inter-institutional workflow management);
  • smartcard-based security systems:
  • home banking systems
  • time stamp server
  • Internet payment systems (integration with POS infrastructures)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), completely in-house developed
  • management systems for cultural heritage
  • design, implementation and maintenance of web-based information systems.

Moreover, since March 2001, Metaware has been providing registration services (RA, Registration Authority) on behalf of a Infocamere s.c.p.a., an Italian National Certification Authority. The available expertise includes extensive and deep knowledge of widespread technologies.

In CASPAR, Metaware offers its competencies both in the technological implementation of the technical streams (especially the activities relating to the DRM and security and to the framework implementation) and in the dissemination and exploitation and management field. Metaware will also provide the support tool for PPA and remote training.
Metaware is in charge of WP 3400 Multi-industries long-term research perspectives, WP 5200 Communication and Dissemination, and is responsible for the following tasks: T2302 DRM, T5302 Training infrastructure, 5303 Training material.

Contact: Silvia Boi
Phone: +39 050 3871400
Fax: +39 050 3871401